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Illness at BigBoppa

date: 2022-12-30 16:23:54

Please be aware that over the course of november and december there has been a great deal of illness here and we are struggling to operate at a high level. please remain patient whilst we get ourselves well and return to form. thank you

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Beware of Imitators on eBay

date: 2022-06-29 09:26:09

We have noticed that our success on eBay has come at a price, over the last six months or so we have noticed a spike in sellers of "Reproduction Sleeves" and as a result we are getting emails from people complaining about how bad these sleeves are (assuming we had produced them).  We need to make it clear that unless you buy on eBay from dougbigboppa or our official eBay Shop then there's a good chance you will be buying shoddy products.  Don't be fooled by photos as they are stealing our scans alot of the time to look like us.  Stay safe on eBay, or better still... buy direct from for gaurantee of the real thing

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Recent Browser Attacks Defence

date: 2021-06-19 16:24:16

Hi everybody, we have noticed some minor issues relating to browser attacks and have implemented some security to the server and (as an additional safety measure) have added a browser security checkpoint, please do not be alarmed as we are merely being cautious due to the current climate of online attacks experienced by all sites currently.

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Check Out Our New eBay Store

date: 2020-09-04 17:02:11

We've been on eBay for some time and now have put together an official ebay store, you can see different sales listings via

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Sleeves Research Page Link (

date: 2020-07-18 13:14:12

Since the new website has been live we have been asked many times about the very popular sleeves research ( as people think its no longer there. although we do not host this we do encourage all to go and see it by simply clicking the link "Sleeves Research" in our header. David Sayers (who is thankfully carrying on the great work started by Erling Mehl) is still working tirelessly to keep the information going. Thank you David

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New Facebook Page Up & Running

date: 2020-07-15 22:26:15

Yes it's true, we've finally jumped on to this new craze called social media and have a Facebook page set up on

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Emails Going Into Junk Folders

date: 2020-07-15 11:23:29

If you have registered on the new website or placed an order you may not be getting emails, please check your spam folders and mark [email protected] as safe, hopefully this will help improve the email situation for everybody.  thanks

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